Q: Will my children be sheltered from the “real world?”  A: On the contrary.  Secular-school students are sheltered from the real world because they are dogmatically and systematically denied the truth of the sovereignty of God over the affairs of men and his eternal plan of redemption.  The Bible clearly states that this present world is fleeting and passing away and that only the Kingdom of God and those who belong to it will endure.  The Christian school works similar to a greenhouse which is designed to provide the optimum conditions for growth while a plant is young. Young children are monitored and carefully nurtured to help them develop and mature properly. When the time comes for them to be “transplanted” into a more hostile environment, they will be able to endure the difficulties and continue to thrive.

Q:  Will my child receive a quality education? A:  Not only will they receive a quality education but they will also receive an education based on TRUTH.  Jesus declared in Jn. 17:17 “Thy word is truth.”  ALL instructional material at BCS is Christ-centered and Bible-based and instructs the student to evaluate ALL they learn based on the authority of the Word of God, the ONLY source of truth known to humanity.  This enables the student to possess a thoroughly biblical worldview, instead of a humanistic worldview that promotes hedonism and atheism and is openly and overtly hostile to the teachings of Scripture.  On a practical note, BCS students as a whole routinely score in the upper 20% of students nationally, based on the Stanford Achievement Testwith some students registering in the upper 2%.

Q:  Is tuition at BCS costly?  ACostly? Compared to what? A median priced mortgage will easily run $700-1,500 a month. Car payments are often $500 a month or more.  When compared with other private schools, BCS’s tuition is one of the most affordable rates in the entire Midwest at $1,600 a year!  As such, we consider the cost to be an INVESTMENT and not an expense. For the price of a Latte a day, you could enroll your child at BCS.  While secular schools are “free,” we shouldn’t assume that they are providing the same kind of education. They are not. First, they are forbidden to provide a foundation in the Word of God for every subject they teach. They are forbidden to give godly counsel and instruction based upon the Scriptures. They are forbidden to teach about the real world as created and upheld by the power of God. They cannot support the values taught in your home or church; in fact, they continually and systematically undermine them.  Debating aside, is there any greater treasure that you have than your children?  The investment is totally worth it.

Q:  Shouldn’t Christian children attend the secular schools to be salt & light to the other students?  A:  Not only does this argument violate logic, it flies in the face of experience, history and the clear teaching of the Bible.  Let us be even clearer on this; the NEA officials are making every effort possible (with your tax dollars) to exterminate any and all influence of Christianity in the school systems of America, and for them to train, shape, and mold our children’s minds, (and that is the purpose of education) is tantamount to having Al-Qaeda  train our U.S. soldiers.  Some would argue, “Can’t a child influence his or her classmates?”  Yes, I do believe that children influence one another. However, if one child among 30 is going to have a positive influence on the rest, isn’t it just as likely and even more likely that the majority will have a negative influence on the one?  One final point: schools exist for children, not the other way around. Our obligation as parents is to provide the best nurture and education for our children that we can. We are not called to build schools, but raise children.  Placing your child in a Christian school that supports your values and beliefs will greatly increase the likelihood of your child’s educational and spiritual success.  This should be our main goal.

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