Bethel Church believes strongly in supporting God’s work all over the world. In fact, over 1/3 of our budget goes toward local and global missionaries. Truly the sun never sets on the missionaries that we support. Below is a small list of the missionaries that we support.


Mado Fernandez and her late husband Ruben have served in Oviedo, Spain since the 1960s. Their ministry includes: church planting, radio ministry, prison ministry, and evangelism. Mado still continues to serve throughout Oviedo and Northern Spain. After Ruben’s death, Pastor Luis took over as leader of these churches where he continues to shine God’s light to these nations. Click here to find out more information Mado & Pastor Luis. (Note: She speaks Spanish for a few seconds in the beginning of the video then changes to English).

Swaziland, Africa

The Prince Family moved to Africa in 2011 after experiencing two mission trips with their home church and seeing Children’s Cup in action. They currently serve as the Country Directors in Swaziland and as campus coaches for River Valley Church-Swaziland. Stephen and Krista, along with their three children, Avery, Iliea and Ellie, love where they are, and they love what they do. The family believes in doing life and ministry together as much as possible, as their kids are just as much missionaries as their parents. They give all the glory and honor to God for the opportunity to serve Him in Africa and for the beautiful experiences in living life boldly for Jesus. Click here to find out more information about the Prince Family.

Christ for the Nations (Over 60 nations)

Christ For The Nations was founded in 1948 by Gordon & Freda Lindsay as a missions enterprise originally called The Voice of Healing. During the past 65 years Christ For The Nations has helped complete church buildings world-wide, provided free Christian teaching literature, networked an association of international Bible schools and trained students at our Institute. Click here to find out more information about Christ For The Nations.

Bethel Christian School (Local)

We’re now in our 5th decade of providing a comprehensive Bible based education in a Spirit-filled atmosphere. Because of our lengthy history, BCS offers the families of the the Chippewa Valley an affordable and excellent option in the education of their children. BCS provides a custom tailored curriculum for each student in an environment of encouragement, love, and acceptance, all the time maintaining a strong standard of excellence. Because of an exceptional student/teacher ratio, it becomes virtually impossible for the student to “fall between the cracks,” thus enabling the student to rise to his full potential of mind and spirit in God. Click here to find out more information about Bethel Christian School.